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This novella, [b:ARBOREATUM|17257180|Arboreatum|Evans Light||23851209], has been simmering since the summer of 2008, when I awoke at dawn one morning from an incredibly lucid dream. I ran to my desk to jot out a five page outline of the story before it slipped from my mind.

I shouldn't have worried. Bits and pieces of this strange tale have been bubbling up for the last three or four years - a bit here, a bit there - and I happily added each new piece to the tale as it came to me. I just hoped I would be able to recognize when it was finished.

Over time this novella (that I originally envisioned as a 20-30 page short story) continued to grow, until the revelations about it finally stopped coming and I knew at long last it was time to polish it up and release it into the wild.

This is one of those stories that came to me from some unknown place that exists apart from conscious thought ([b:Dark Curtains|16102176|Dark Curtains|Evans Light||19191578] is another). The setting and the themes are definitely not ones that I would have purposely written.

I look forward to sitting down and reading it with fresh eyes in a couple of years, when I'm gotten some distance between me and the words. I'm sure I'll be asking myself, "Where the hell did this come from?"

(I secretly like to imagine that this story is true, but don't tell anyone I said that, okay?)

I hope you enjoy it!