Dominoes - John  Boden, K. Allen Wood You think you know what DOMINOES is.
In fact, you're quite sure of it.
But you're wrong.
Of course you know it's parody of Little Golden Books, some sort of horror send-up.
The kids will love it.
But you're wrong.
It's beautiful on the outside, the design and artwork is spot-on.
You're right about that.
This book is cute, you think, still correctly, as you open the cover and peruse the first couple of pages.
Cozy and comfortable, you begin to read.
And then your expectations, one by one, die.
Murdered, rather.
You feel a little confused.
Discomfort sets in.
You expected horror.
but whatthefuckisthis
True horror comes when you least expect it.
It seldom looks like what you think it will.

DOMINOES is horror, but you've never seen horror quite like this.

I can't explain it, but I highly recommended it.

But not for the kids.