The Corpus Corruptum

The Corpus Corruptum - Adam Light;Evans Light Stories include:

WAY OUT OF HERE: by Adam Light:
Nolan finds himself bored with life and in dire need of adventure. He never would have guessed that there was a whole new world for him to explore right under his chin.

GERTRUDE, by Evans Light:
"Tell me something interesting about yourself."
"Well, I have a symbiotic twin named Gertrude. She lives in a small cavity under my ribcage, next to my spleen. If I lie still in bed at night, I can hear her. I think she might be crying."
So begins this short twisted tale where an obvious lie faces off with the truth.

Losing a foot to diabetes is a bad thing even on a good day, but it's even worse when your severed foot holds a grudge.

NOSE HEARS, by Evans Light:
A man thinks he might be losing it when he starts hearing voices inside of his nose.

THE PACKAGE, by Evans Light:
When a world-famous personality discovers there's a way to enlarge his "package" to become the world's biggest, he finds it an opportunity too enormous to resist.