Frights of Fancy

Frights of Fancy - J N Williamson (I'll review each story as I get to them, not necessarily in order. Will update review as I progress through the book.)

I became interested in reading this author after obtaining the anthologies he edited (the DARK MASQUES series), and he had a story in one that I liked quite a bit.

After an incredibly self-congratulatory author "prelude" in which he declares "I think I'm one of the most original writers around" and then goes on to make his case for page after page using his novels as "proof".

That's all well and good, I suppose, but I say let your stories speak for themselves.

So here we go:

** Reality Function

One of the most boring and overwritten tales I have ever read. The premise is a deranged high school teacher who picks out students to kill and obessesses with very simple numerology. That seems like it could be fun. In this story, it's anything but. This is a dull, plodding tale that reads like it was written with a thesaurus open on the desk. "Look how smart I am", it screams as it limps along to pointless conclusion.

Hope this book gets better...

** When Nature Itself Creates Them

A well-known western outlaw has his course in life set when he is abducted by aliens while stealing cattle.
Sound like fun?
It's not.
Poorly constructed and drearily told.

Might press my luck by reading one more, then I'm putting this one away.