The Backwoods

The Backwoods - Edward Lee Well color me surprised. This was not the amazing, twisted Edward Lee book I imagined it would be.
Guess maybe I should listen to those reviews a little more, huh?
I really hoped they were wrong.
But nope.
I was.
The ony thing that kept this book from being a one star review was the writing. It was pretty decent most of the time, with the exception of some strange narrative intrusions here and there.
The set up for the story seemed pretty solid, but holy crap...what a lifeless plot. Zero narrative tension. Basically a series of female wet dreams loosely tied together by a dopey wrap around story involving real estate and a strange "ancient" tribe of squatters that need to leave the land so condos can be built. Yawn.
The whole thing is preposterous and more tragically, boring.
Lee tries his hand at injecting some Laymonesque fun into the proceeding by using the word "nipple" as often as possible, but even the sex scenes come off as flaccid.
To make matters worse, Lee adds an epilogue that somehow manages to make a truly horrible ending to a terrible book even worse.
That's some sort of accomplishment in itself, I suppose.
It's a shame, because I think all the ingredients were here for a really good book, but alas - this isn't one.
Nothing to see here, folks...move along.