Dark Universe

Dark Universe - William F. Nolan If you see this review pop up in my status update over and over, it's because I'll be adding reviews for each story as I work my way through the book. Reviews are possibly, but not necessarily, in order.

**** The Underdweller

I just recently discovered William F. Nolan while reading another anthology, and decided to order his collection of short stories. This first story, The Underdweller, did not disappoint.

Starting off like a tale set in the universe of Matheson's I Am Legend, Lewis Stillman is the last man alive in Los Angeles, the last man in the whole world for all he knows, living in the tunnels beneath the city. The city is swarming with evil little somethings, making it extremely dangerous to go out...

Beautifully written and absorbing, complete with the kind of satisfying endings I love in a short story. Can't wait to read more!

** Saturday's Shadow

Nolan says in the preface to this story that he considers it to be his finest.

I disagree.

***** Lonely Train A'Comin'

Now this is what I'm talking about. The high plains. A mysterious midnight train. A vanished and murdered sister. A man looking for revenge.

Then the nightmares begin.

A recent work by Kealan Patrick Burke resembles this story somewhat, but to say which might ruin this fantastic tale. Poetic and wonderful.

**** And Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Written in 1957, I'm not sure if this short story is William F. Nolan copying classic Bradbury, or if classic Bradbury lifted from Nolan. In either case, this beautiful written but slight little story will be enjoyable, if entirely unsurprising, for anyone who's read anything published in the last sixty years.