Island - Richard Laymon ISLAND was a bit hit and miss for me, so I'll review it in the same mixed fashion as it left me feeling.

On the plus side, I enjoyed the scenario and the setting, but on the negative felt that the story took way too long to get rolling.

On the plus side, I enjoyed reading a Laymon novel written in first person, primarily because that meant he stuck with the main plot instead of juggling two or three other (usually less interesting) secondary story lines as he does in several of his other works; on the negative side however, the viewpoint of the narrator was fairly simplistic and extremely redundant, especially in recounting his lust and admiration for each female character.

On the plus side, the premise of the book and the unfolding of the story kept me intrigued until the end, but on the negative it felt fairly restrained by Laymon standards. Even the shocking events at the end didn't quite have the usual Laymon flair to them, and were recounted in a fairly flat manner.

To summarize:

POSITIVE: Decently fun Laymon novel.

NEGATIVE: A little disappointing because it felt like it had a lot of untapped potential.