Cruelty (Episodes One - Five)

Cruelty (Episodes One - Five) - Edward Lorn I'm going to try to read a new episode each Monday evening, and leave my updated review immediately after.

(5 Stars)

Edward Lorn delivers with this creative, lean-and-mean story machine. The first installment of the CRUELTY series delivered exactly what the author promised in the foreword, plenty of action with a great cliff-hanger ending, that served up just the right amount of spooky thrills and horror fun to simultaneously satisfy and leave me wanting more.

Around a 40-minute read for me, I'm going to make this series a Monday night ritual for the next several weeks.

Well done, and highly recommended for afficionados of horror that doesn't take itself too seriously. This got five stars from me because it was exactly what I hoped it would be, and was so flawlessly written and executed that the editor in me got to take the night off while I got swept away in the story.

(4 Stars)

The cast of characters grows in CRUELTY: EPISODE TWO, a transitional entry that picks up where events left off in the first installment. This episode serves primarily to provide context around the events that have been set in motion, and does little to further the primary story line directly - which is fine because the plot, as they say, is thickening.

Quite a bit to enjoy here in the way of characters - even the use of an odd accent adds a little fun flavor to the proceedings (a remarkable achievement in and of itself). A chapter written from a dog's point of view was delightful as well.

The only bit that fell flat for me here was the sequence that dealt with Cruelty itself, which struck me as strangely flat and matter-of-fact when it should have been disturbing.

All in all, a good read that left me looking forward to the next episode.