Night Things

Night Things - Michael Talbot This book had quite a different feel than most horror that I've read. The prose was clean and clear, with simultaneous childlike simplicity and literary sophistication - hard to explain.
With only a few restrained sexual references and limited violence contained within its pages, I think this could easily be a book early teens would enjoy.
The author was quite adept at skipping around various characters POVs in third person omniscient. The only confusion I experienced was at the beginning at the third and final section, where I confused a new character with an established one for several pages.
I'll not rehash the plot as it's covered in other reviews. Suffice it to say that I found this a pleasure and a breath of fresh air, even if the resolution (and the somewhat silly epilogue) leave a bit to be desired.
If you're looking for a paranormal book that is more clean and innocent than the average fare, this might fit the bill.
I look forward to reading other works by this author.