The Woods Are Dark (Mass Market)

The Woods Are Dark (Mass Market) - Richard Laymon Laymon rewrites Ketchum's [b:Off Season|179734|Off Season|Jack Ketchum||584847] as a comedy porno and it's a rocking good time.
Read the whole book in about 3 hours. Very much like watching a crazy batshit insane horror movie. Really not so much horror as pure insanity. This book might be the original "Wrong Turn" as it's very much in a similar vein and tone, and even though an earlier work it's still full of Laymon's signature WTF delights.
Loved it, and highly recommend that if you haven't read it yet, get it - check your brain at the door and run screaming naked through the woods for a few hours with this one.
Make sure it's the restored and uncut version - can't imagine this book any other way.