Friday Night in Beast House

Friday Night in Beast House - Richard Laymon I wouldn't classify this as horror; monster porn, maybe?

Also - it is not a novel, but a short novella, with few multi-sentence paragraphs to be found. High literacy level is not a reading requirement here.

I know little of Laymon's biography, other than that he has maintained a fairly high level of post-mortem popularity and a penchant for extreme bad taste. If I was a betting man, the choose-your-own-adventure level of writing on display here would have me wager that this was a very early work, probably completed by a teenaged Laymon in high school.

The vast majority of the novella is pointless procrastination without suspense or anything of much interest happening, "boy meets out-of-league girl and will do anything to impress until it all goes wrong" is the genre trope, done much better by Ketchum in an early novel (Hide and Seek) of his, IMO.

I only rate this book as highly as I have because of the "did I really just read that?" ending, which crosses line after line in rapid succession.

I still didn't understand the final sentence of the book, though. It felt as though something was missing, or that Laymon assumed the reader would "get it". I didn't.

I recommend that any curious readers save themselves thirty minutes of tedium and read only the final pages for the shock value alone, then move on to something much more edifying.