They Had Goat Heads

They Had Goat Heads - D. Harlan Wilson Mouthwash for the mind.

Not so much bizarro as avante-garde.

This type of writing looks like fun. I don't have a doctorate in English, but I'm still going to give it a try for kicks:

The salami slaps against the weather-stippled vinyl siding scraps heaped upon the camel's porch; a petunia weeps after a sullen suicide attempt is foiled by gentle summer rain.

Just as a woodwind musician may warm up for a performance by playing scales, this book might be a great warm up read for writers before sitting down to write, a free-association stream of consciousness flowing of post-doc vocablary with tasteful placement of distasteful things.

I like it. Toenail cheescake absconds screaming into the precipice of night with recycled codfish trim-tram-trum.