Simpsons World - The Ultimate Episode Guide (Seasons 1-20)

Simpsons World - The Ultimate Episode Guide (Seasons 1-20) - Matt Groening My boys and I marveled at this massive 1200 page, 9-pound tome sometime before Christmas - then saw the equally staggering $150 price tag and ran quickly away. Here we are just a few months later and I spotted two copies on the bargain table next to the checkout at B&N. I remembered the price and started to ignore it, but curiousity got the best of me and I snuck a peek to see if it had dropped any. It had. Snagged this baby for a completely reasonable $24.99 - hardcover in a designer slipcase! I loved the first edition of the [b:The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family|452298|The Simpsons A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family|Matt Groening||440917], which I got way back in 1997, but it only covered the first 8 seasons. This new one covers the first 20. I'm just now taking off the shrink wrap, but I'm sure it will be hours of fun and will prompt us to break out the DVD collection to see old favorites or episodes we somehow missed.

UPDATE: Wow. That's all I can say on this one. This book might just have everything. After the episode guide portion of the book are hundreds of pages of even more Simpsons knowledge: everything Homer had said "D'oh" or "Mmm" about, every marquee ever written on the church's lawn, every couch gag, even every lyric to every song ever sung on the show...and much, much more. This book is like the encylopedia galactica!