The Package

The Package - Evans Light This story is included in my collection [b:SCREAMSCAPES: Tales of Terror|18405410|Screamscapes Tales of Terror|Evans Light||24800184], and also has been published previously in [b:The Corpus Corruptum|15981246|The Corpus Corruptum|Evans Light||21733849].

I originally wrote this short story for a competition hosted by Joe R. Lansdale, and it is jam-packed with "easter eggs" in the form of titles of his books and stories and subtle references to his work interweaved throughout the narrative, but the story stands on its own quite nicely even if you've never heard of Lansdale.

Not a scary story by any means, I still think it is wicked enough in its sense of humor to fit nicely into a horror collection. Not for the prudish. You've been warned.

And, oh yeah - it didn't win the competition. I console myself by thinking that he wanted it to win, but it was just too profane to post on his website. Wishful thinking, I'm sure.

[b:The Package|18584784|The Package|Evans Light||26322353] was released as a $.99 stand-alone Kindle Short on September 25, 2013.

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