TWO: The 2nd Annual Stupefying Stories Horror Special

TWO: The 2nd Annual Stupefying Stories Horror Special - Bruce Bethke, Evan Dicken, José  Iriarte, Rose Blackthorn, Rebecca Roland, Stone Showers, Yukimi Ogawa, Keith Rosson, Shona Snowden, Anton Sim, L. Joseph Shosty, Simon Kewin, Gregor Xane, Leah Thomas, Sean Eads, Nicole Cushing, Holly Cave Picked this up from Amazon. Looking forward to seeing what it has in store, especially from Gregor Xane...

My 5-star rating is for this one story at the moment. I'll update this review as I read other selections.


Knowing Gregor from Goodreads - and not having read his work before - I have to admit I was approaching this story with a little bit of trepidation. What if I didn't like it? What if it was downright, *cough*, awful?

I shouldn't have worried.

This story grabbed me from the moment I saw the title in the table of contents: IT CAME FROM HELL AND SMASHED THE ANGELS. That's one hell of a cool title.

And this is one hell of a cool story, that oozes easy style and is written with the assurance of a voice that seems to have been writing for years. I'm beyond impressed. This is a very professional tale.

Big Benjamin Coburn is a has-been low-budget movie "star", never handsome enough for leading roles, but big and scary enough to play psychos and heavies.

Those days are behind him now, however, and he wiles away the days in his run-down trailer just waiting for something, anything, to happen.

One night, not willing to wait anymore, wasting his life sitting around listening to the bickering of his landlords across the way, he just says "fuck it all", gets on his bike and leaves it all behind.

Then things really do start to happen.

This is a story with genuine vibe, it feels authentic and cool, not put-on in the least. The prose is simple, smooth and effective. And the best thing about it is that it just moves. I could almost feel the wind in my hair as I read.

Gregor Xane, you've earned yourself a fan. Keep 'em coming!

I look forward to seeing if the other authors in this book can come close to matching the quality of this story. If so, I found myself a winner.