Creepers - David Morrell Actual rating is 3.5 stars.

Over the top, full of unlikely events, coincidences and character motivations, this book nevertheless was perfectly paced and full of enough dramatic twists and turns to keep me flipping the pages until I finished the whole thing in a single setting.

Like a strange hybrid of POSIEDON and the thriller movie IDENTITY, Creepers is non-stop action and a heck of a good time that keeps things moving along at such a fast and smooth pace you won't bother to take the time to think about the ridiculousness of everything - kind of like a Richard Laymon novel without the lechery.

David Morrell is an incredibly readable writer, and even though I never got a good feeling for the actual layout of the hotel they were exploring (it seemed to grow larger and larger as the story progressed), the action was well written and gripping.

Recommended if you're looking for a good pulpy page-turner. I liked it enough that I plan to read the sequel, Scavengers, next.