Sanitarium #15 (Horror Fiction and Dark Verse) Magazine

Sanitarium #15 (Horror Fiction and Dark Verse) Magazine - Barry Skelhorn, Luke Tarzian, James Everington, Paul Magnan, Elizabeth Los, Stephanie Ellis, Amber Siddiqui, Jason Parent, Corey Robert, Ross Warren, Anthony Crowley My rating is specifically for the story DEPTHS, by Jason Parent and Elisabeth Los, that is found in this issue. The magazine looked quite nice and was well-formatted, so I'm sure at some point I'll be returning to read some of the other tales, but the chance to read a new Jason Parent tale was the primary selling point, I have to be honest.

And it did not disappoint. Quite different in tone and subject matter than his delightful novel [b:What Hides Within|15828555|What Hides Within|Jason Parent||21561970], DEPTHS is a clever story that teases the reader along the way, making you think you've figured it out just before it takes you a little deeper into its web.

Martin and Catelyn are on the top deck of a cruise ship sailing the open waters as the story begins, dancing, drinking, having the time of their lives...or so you may think at first. It is, indeed, a night the two will never forget - but not for the reasons you may suppose. To say anything more about what happens might spoil the thrill of discovery, so I'll leave it for you to uncover on your own.

I was hooked by the end of the first page, and then the words just melted away and I was there. The writing was smooth, almost lyrical in places, and the imagery throughout superb.

A wonderfully told tale that earned its five stars with style. Don't miss it! I look forward to reading more from these fine authors.

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