Night Film

Night Film - Marisha Pessl Not going to rate this one, because I'm not going to finish it. I tried hard to convince myself that it was me, not the book - but I was wrong.

Despite the numerous glowing reviews of respected friends here on Goodreads, I read for entertainment, edification, or some mixture of the two, and I have the firm sense that I am receiving neither while reading this book.

So therefore I've decided to cut my losses on this one, and move on. I gave it a try, and found the prose to be exhausting and the story significantly less than gripping.

The premise of the narrator's fall from grace struck me as preposterous at best, as did his quest for answers. Just didn't buy any of it as remotely real, not even for a second, and the faux newspaper clippings and web articles actually diminished any sense of reality rather than bolstering it, as I'm sure they were intended to do.

I'm going back to my personal rule of not reading books that feature "investigators" or "detectives" as significant characters.