Serving Spirits

Serving Spirits - Adam   Light A strong new horror novella from [a:Adam Light|5822521|Adam Light|], more traditional than some of his quirkier material, but very enjoyable nonetheless.

This story brought to mind some of the best aspects of [a:Robert E. Howard|66700|Robert E. Howard|]'s adventure-horror stories, but written in a voice that is uniquely [a:Adam Light|5822521|Adam Light|]'s.

Throw in a pint of marital discord, a cup of deceipt, a pinch of voudou; stir it all up in the blender of a killer storm bearing down on the coast, and you've got one heck of a story.

And one that's very appropriately themed for the collection in which it was originally printed, [b:Toes Up|18487333|Toes Up|Adam Light||25807807]. You'll see what I mean by the end.

My only disappointment with the story was that the author laid such a detailed, vivid foundation here that I really kind of wanted a novel-length work. As-is, it's firmly in novella territory, but the pages sped by so fast that it left me wanting more.

And that's a good thing.