The Hanover Block

The Hanover Block - Gregor Xane Full disclosure: Gregor Xane is a collaborator of mine on several horror anthologies. However, he's a collaborator I sought out for a reason. He's an incredibly talented writer with a deliriously inventive and twisted imagination.

I've enjoyed his previous works, the novella Six Dead Spots, the short It Came from Hell and Smashed the Angels, and my favorite so far, his contribution to the Bad Apples Halloween anthology, The Riggle Twins, perhaps his most accessible and polished work to date.

The Hanover Block is pure inXanity (patent pending) from start to finish, and exceeds Six Dead Spots in its ability to present a coherent vision of insane concepts, in my opinion - though perhaps without achieving some of the giddy heights of chilling psychodelinsanity presented in Six Dead Spots. He firmly nails the landing as well.
I'm purposely not going into any plot details, as I can't imagine there's any better way to read this book than without expectations.

My only complaint, and it's a minor one, is that I felt the story could have been edited down bit tighter for a stronger impact. Maybe by twenty pages or so. But hey, nobody asked me, and as-is this novella still easily earns a spot in my ten favorite new reads this year.

Expand you mind and losen your morals. The Hanover Block is highly recommended.