A Pair of Aces

A Pair of Aces - Joe R. Lansdale Review will be updated from time to time as I work my way through the various pieces. If it pops up in my updates, it's because I've added something to it.

Got this as a Christmas gift from Adam and it looks really good. Interesting to see that Lansdale's God of the Razor was adapted into a screenplay and purchased by the Masters of Horror series, but the series was cancelled before the episode was made. That would have been a good one! This collection includes the finished screenplay for that episode, should be fun to imagine it. Lots of other stuff in this ebook as well.

Part 1
Short Stories:

***** The God of the Razor

I've read this story before in other collections, but it merits rereading whenever you get the chance. Short, sweet and simply perfect.

**** King of Shadows

Joe R. Lansdale takes us back into the world of the God of the Razor, this time with a family who has adopted a boy whose father killed himself with a certain infamous blade. While it doesn't quite rise to the sublime level of the previous tale, it's likely still going to be one of the best things you read this year. Recommended.

Janet Finds the Razor (review pending)

Part 2

The Nightrunners (review pending)

Part 3
Short Novel:

The Magic Wagon (review pending)