Filth Eater, and Other Twisted Tales

Filth Eater, and Other Twisted Tales - Glen Krisch Picked this up for free from Amazon recently. Will update this review as I work my way through the collection, which may take a while as I'm currently reading multiple anthologies.

Not necessarily in order.

*** Finding Allison

I wouldn't necessarily classify this as a horror story, even though I guess it's close enough.

Adam can't quite get over his longing for his girl Allison, and when her female friend Frankie moves in with him things get...better?

Add in a few chuckles and this tale would work fine in a John Waters film, dirty and grimy and confused-but-not-really.

Kudos to the author for pulling it off successfully, but left me feeling flat. Personally, I think the story would have been better if the Frankie character's name was more feminine, but I can't say why exactly.

*** Filth Eater

A homeless man absorbs the pain of the world until no more will fit.

Well written, but the story seemed to lose clarity around the point the priest was introduced. The "literary" aspirations couldn't be more apparent. Personally, I like a little more horror in my stories, but look forward to reading the rest of the collection. Not bad, by any means.