Widowmakers: A Benefit Anthology of Dark Fiction

Widowmakers: A Benefit Anthology of Dark Fiction - Pete Kahle, Shawna L. Bernard, Evans Light, Sydney Leigh, Tim Marquitz, Todd Keisling, James Newman, Keith Minnion I'll probably be working my way through this behemoth for years to come and will leave reviews of individual stories as I go, not necessarily in order.

As I'm a contributor to this anthology, I'm not going to rate stories but rather comment on them.

Death to Trees! - Jeff Strand: Not so much a story as an amusing trifle, and a nice way to kick off the anthology.

Conversations Kill - Tim Waggoner: Very nicely written short story with an interesting premise that kept me engaged and guessing. The final reveal wasn't all I had hoped for, but overall a satisfying story.

A Church in the Middle of Nowhere - Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason: A rather unusual tale, simultaneously familiar and strange. This reads like a fever dream, and that's a compliment. I wish it had been longer, but it works quite fine as is.